Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1990 Honda XR200

The XR200 was a very popular trail bike made from around 1980 through 2002. Like all Honda trail bikes, it has a very wide power band, and is a very pleasant bike to ride. There are lighting kits available to make it street legal, and performance parts available to turn it into a competition bike as well. The XR200 was based on the XR125 engine, Honda's intent being to make a bike with almost as much power as the XR250, but a lot lighter in weight. Contemporary reviewers noted that the XR250 felt like an underpowered 500, while the XR200 felt like a hot 125.

This particular XR200 runs good, and looks good, too. But when Barry's done with it, it'll run even better, and it'll look a lot cleaner, too. Interested? You can contact Barry at the email address shown in the upper right hand corner of the page. (Update: It's gone.)