Sunday, October 18, 2009

1972 Suzuki TS-250: Last Look

The 250 is almost done, and about to be delivered to its owner.

Metal has been polished, and in some cased, chromed

The hubs never looked that good coming out of the Suzuki factory!

Sand blasting, powder coating, painting, polishing...

If you have a treasured bike, Barry can make yours look better than new, too. Figure on budgeting about $2,000 to bring a bike to this state.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1972 TS 250 update

The last time we looked in on this bike the restoration was well under way, and it was waiting for some replacement parts and some that had been sent out for polishing, coating, and plating. Take a look at the engine in the photo below- no Suzuki ever came out of the factory looking like that!

Check the closeup on the cylinder head, too:

And the new guard for the headlamp. You can also see the paintjob on the new front fender.

Not an inexpensive project, but well worth the money, I think. A rare bike in better than factory new condition.

Suzuki GT250 Update (3)

The last time we looked in on this project bike, it had been cleaned up and was running, but still had some electrical issues. Since then there's been a change of plans, and Barry and Mark have decided to turn it into a custom cafe racer. Keep watching this blog for details.