Thursday, September 24, 2009

JAWA Moped

This Jawa moped showed up the other day with the request that Barry "get it running." Can do. although it is tempting to do a full restoration on a moped in such overall good condition.

Like many moped of the era, the Jawa uses a dual chain drive system- one for the pedals and one for the engine, making it a true moped, and making it easier to push start as well.

JAWA mopeds were not actually made by JAWA, but by Povazske Strojarne (PS) who sold them as Babettas. Through a marketing arrangement they were sold as JAWAs ouside of Czechoslovakia.

The 1993 division of Czechoslovakia into Slovakia and the Czech Republic put PS, its moped-making division, and Molotov, the distributor, into separate countries, and the complications from this put an end to Babetta (and thus JAWA) moped manufacture.

You can read more about JAWA moped history at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1975 Suzuki TS-250

It's been two months since our last post here, as Barry's been pretty busy with a new job, but this bike should make the wait worthwhile. It's a 1974 Suzuki TS-250, one of the first really competitive enduro bikes to come out of Japan and challenge the dominance of the Spanish bikes from Bultaco, Montesa and KTM. It may not have the suspension travel and power of the latest bikes, but it's still a great ride, with an advertised 23HP at 6500RPM and a weight of just 245 pounds.

This particular bike has what looks like the original trial-type tires showing very little wear, and just 2320 miles on the clock:

It needs a chain, some rust cleanup, the usual carb cleaning and rebuild, and possibly some electrical work, but it should be a head turner when it's complete.

Here's a brochure from that era with more specifics: