Sunday, July 12, 2009

1974 Kawasaki S1

Kawasaki caused a big stir when they released the three cylinder, 500cc H1 in 1969; they followed this up two years later with the 350cc S2, and today's featured bike, the 250cc S1.

The S1 was the smallest commercial triple ever made. While it gave owners of smaller bikes the opportunity to own a three cylinder motorcycle, there's just not all that much advantage in building a 250cc triple, especially when balanced against the increased width of the motor, the increased weight, and the increased number of parts.

The S1 and S2 were only made for a few years, which makes them a bit more rare than other bikes of that era- and in turn, much more collectible. There are a number of collectors out there who specialize in Kawasaki triples, form the S1 up to the 750cc H2. This particular bike belongs to a friend of Barry's, and is undergoing a complete carb rebuild as well as some cosmetic work.